John Wolfe

Please contribute to the campaign!

John Wolfe's candidacy
is a statement against
 Wall Street interests
 and corporate
 abuse of power. 
We rely on contributions
 from people like you
 to make this
 campaign happen!
 Please send your contributions
 to the address below.
Thank you.

707 Georgia Avenue,
Suite 401
Chattanooga, TN 37402



John Wolfe Videos:

Click here for John Wolfe's full YouTube Channel.

Banking - Wolfe describes changes he would make in the U.S. banking system, changes that would benefit all Americans, not just a select powerful few.

US Economy - John Wolfe will listen to Nobel Prize-winning economists rather than Wall Street advocates for his economic policies.

Wall Street Tax - Wolfe describes how a 0.75% tax on derivatives would raise enough money annually to pay for the defense budget.

Middle East Policy - Wolfe describes key differences between his Middle East policy and those before him.

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