Is Writing Songs A Natural Talent Or Can I Learn To Do It?

Music has always been a source of inspiration for people around the world, and the one thing that makes good music great are the lyrics. The fact the lyrics are written in the language we use to communicate, strengthens our relationship with the song and also helps the musician communicate the essence of the song. The greatest songs like, stairway to heaven, even with the greatest guitar solos and talents like Jimmy Page, might not have reached to the same level had it not been backed up by great lyrics.

The spontaneity with which the lyrics flow in a song, the beautiful arrangement of everyday words, that can make a person laugh with joy or burst with emotions, makes people who want to be lyricists, wonder, Is writing songs a natural talent or can it be learned through practice?

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Let us look at this question by analyzing the various aspects of lyrics writing:

1. The ability to relate with the song: Every musician is trying to communicate his feeling through music and lyrics, sometimes a guitar solo or a riff can mean a lot more than the lyrics of the song. If you are looking to write songs, the first thing that you need is the ability to connect the essence of the music with the lyrics, try and understand what the music is trying to communicate, also look at how the lyrics are weaved along with the music to make the song phonetic.

Tip : LEARN GUITAR DVD - A good practice is to listen to your favorite songs, try and understand the relationship of the lyrics along with the music, try and analyse why a particular verse fits so naturally and beautifully along with the music of the song. This will strengthen your ability to understand how particular words are used in order to create a natural high or low.

2. Expressing Feelings In Words Spontaneously: A great thing that can help improve lyrics writing is the practice to express your feelings spontaneously, whenever you are feeling happy, sad, lonely, loved etc., whatever be the feeling, just write it down on a piece of paper, without caring for anybody's approval. Share what you have written with your near and dear ones and ask them for an honest opinion, be ready to face criticism and improve upon the negatives if any.

3. Do Not Associate Money or Fame With Art: A lot wannabes, come into the performance industry because they see money and fame. The thing that separates an artist from the crowd is the fact that art is his passion, it has a deeper meaning in his life than bread butter, girls or drugs. If you have a deep passion for writing songs, no matter what are the consequences, you will always enjoy what you do and get better at it every day.

Song writing might come naturally to some, but it is an art that can be learned through deep association with music and a lot of practice.